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Network widely, you never know where your next opportunity is going to come from!
Jayanthiny, Alumni, Research
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Be brave, be confident, take your leap into the unknown
Andrew, Undergraduate, Alumni
Psychology and Social Anthropology
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I would recommend Ҵý because of the vast support network it provides to its students, its concentrated effort on continuous improvement of the student experience and the plethora of activities it provides outside of academia
Pauldy, Research, Alumni
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Ҵý was the only University in the UK to offer the two courses that I wanted, with a placement year. Without that placement year, I would've been lost post-graduation!
Jasmine, Undergraduate, Alumni
Psychology and Sociology BSc
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I have built a team of independently qualified, registered and experienced professional therapists who help people to resolve emotional and psychological challenges. We do this through counselling, mediation, psychiatry, psychotherapy and coaching – each of us have our own specialism.
Keeley, Undergraduate, Alumni
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Ҵý provided an excellent environment for my social development and encouraging academic attainment
Melody, Undergraduate, Alumni
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Ҵý has everything! It was one of the best choices I made. Even though I was in a foreign country, surrounded by so many different people, I felt safe.
Argyrios, Undergraduate, Alumni
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Sola Janet
I learned so much about clinical psychology on my placement where I was seeing outpatients and working with different groups of people. This really changed my perspectives on how psychology works in the real world.
Sola Janet, Undergraduate, Alumni
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I really loved my placement and I'd recommend it to everyone
Tasmin, Undergraduate
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I’m very happy I took the risk of rejecting my second choice and choosing to study at Ҵý instead; I’ve loved living in London, and Ҵý has helped me grow a lot.
Tom, Undergraduate
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I'd recommend Ҵý for its excellent on-campus facilities, experienced faculty and guest speakers, and extra-curricular sessions. And definitely the multicultural student strength.
Palavi, Postgraduate, Alumni
Cross-Cultural Psychology MSc
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Educationally, the support I received from the staff enabled me to understand what I wanted to be. I realised that social science is something that I carry in everything that I do.
Shelina, Undergraduate, Alumni
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